081 – Be Yourself – LIVE at Amicus Therapeutics

The teenage years are some of the toughest years most of us live through. Aside from the typical peer pressures and desires to fit in, imagine facing middle and high school with a rare disease. That’s exactly what these three girls have done or are doing right now.

Meet Caterina, Maya & Annie as we talk about life with a rare disease. From pay phones and boy bands, to navigating school schedules and surgeries, these three girls talked with Kyle & Sean in front of the committed and supportive staff at Amicus Therapeutics. Their authenticity and outlooks on life are inspiring and enriching to anyone who hears them share.

In this episode you’ll be encouraged by their unifying message: Be Yourself!

We are grateful to Amicus Therapeutics for allowing us to be a part of their global-staff conference, held at the Make-A-Wish Wishing Place in Monroe, NJ.

Additionally, we are thankful for and forever touched by the willingness of Caterina, Maya, & Annie to join us on stage for this forum.

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