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The Two Disabled Dudes Forum is an interactive and exciting alternative to a keynote speaker at your next conference or meeting, putting the spotlight on your disease community: a patient experience forum, hosted by the Two Disabled Dudes!


Co-hosts Kyle and Sean have established themselves as charismatic and humorous podcasters. Through their patient forum they will interview a panel of your chosen participants to better understand and share the patient experience living with a rare disease. A connected patient community inspires empowerment resulting in increased involvement, increased opportunities for fundraising, and more engagement with stakeholders, including donors, pharmaceutical companies, and government entities.


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How It Works

Kyle & Sean work with your organization to identify a diverse and engaging group of patients to represent your community.


With coaching phone calls, Kyle and Sean learn from the panel and cultivate confidence in the team.


The Live Forum is staged at your annual conference, small meeting, Pharma partner office, or as grand rounds at a hospital or clinic.


Panelists discuss their diagnosis, day-to-day living, and their outlook on the future - along with any specific topics relevant to your community.


The panel will be professionally recorded, edited and available online.

Live audience allows for interaction and Q&A if desired.


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Where It Works

At your organization’s annual or regional meetings or staged anywhere to create a focus point for your organization.


On-site at any Pharma company with a conference room or meeting space. This focus on patient centricity can inspire dedication for each employee in their everyday tasks.


Links can be shared targeting specific government agencies or individual legislators who are most important to address immediate or ongoing issues.


On site at any medical center, clinical research facility, scientific institution or scientific conference - helping young clinicians and researchers learn about the disease and inspire a deeper understanding.

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Target Audiences

The live forum has an impact that reaches far beyond any single audience.  This recording will be a lasting resource you can use to educate and engage your changing environment of stakeholders, who may include:

  • Clinicians
    Clinicians are vital to the conversation because they are constantly interacting with patients, managing care and treatment, and directly informing scientific approaches based on their clinical observations. The 2DD Patient Experience Forum allows opportunity for broad involvement in one setting, creates an archived patient voice, and promotes stronger connections between clinicians and the communities they care for.
  • Scientists
    Scientists are often removed from the patient community. Involving scientists in the conversation will help them realize the impact of their efforts. The X factor for accelerating research is oftentimes putting a face on the petri dish in order to establish a personal connection between the scientist and their work.
  • Government: FDA, NIH, Legislators
    The patient voice is essential in developing endpoints and treatment/trial protocols, and in developing new laws and policies that will benefit patients. With the patient voice recorded and publically available, all parties will be able to reference patient concerns in these conversations.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    Pharma companies aim to develop drugs that address symptoms and concerns that are important to the patient.  A recorded patient panel is an effective way to capture the concerns of the patient so pharma companies can understand what is important to them.

    • Connecting with the patient community
    • Understanding disease burden
    • Establishing disease endpoints
    • Assessing benefit-risk profiles
    • Standardizing patient engagement for review
  • Rare Disease Organizations
    The Two Disabled Dudes Patient Forum is a valuable tool for broadening the reach of your  organization no matter your current stage of development.

    • Patient Community
      Nobody should feel alone. The Two Disabled Dudes Patient Forum creates a platform to hear authentic stories behind the patient experience. By capturing the patient voice, others in the community are able to hear from peers with the same concerns, fears, and hopes.
    • Donors
      The Two Disabled Dudes Patient Forum creates a unique opportunity for you to engage your donors in a manner that is uncommon and powerfully simple. Engaging your donors builds trust and a personal connection to your cause. Hearing directly from patients allows donors to experience firsthand the impact their involvement has.

More Info

To find out how the Two Disabled Dudes Patient Forum can benefit your organization and discuss fees, funding partnerships and logistics, please email  [email protected].