014 – RAAM Crew Chief Mike Bryant (Kyle’s Dad)

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Kyle’s Dad, Mike Bryant joins us to talk about Team FARA in Race Across America and what it took to get the team safely across the country in “The World’s Toughest Bike Race.”

And Kyle tells a short story about being held hostage by a cat.

We never know what we are truly capable of until we find ourselves in a tough situation, when success is the only option.


In January of 2010, Kyle, Sean, and Kyle’s parents attended a crew seminar on the “world’s toughest bike race”, Race Across America (RAAM) – non-stop along a set route across the country. They needed a full team and other riders, training, navigators, bike and trike maintenance, etc. The only motivation they had was a blog post, in which Kyle promised to himself and others that he would participate in the RAAM to raise awareness for FA. Nothing else.


At a restaurant table after the seminar, the four looked at each other blankly. What did we get ourselves into? Instead of getting overwhelmed by the huge challenge ahead of them, the team made its first decision: they made Mike Bryant the crew chief of their team.


In addition to being the first and maybe most vital member of Team FARA in the RAAM, Mike is (un?)fortunate enough to be Kyle’s father. He accompanies his son on almost all of Kyle’s big adventures. Despite the huge step out of his comfort zone, he agreed to tackle this huge new obstacle.


That perseverance, it seems, defines the life of those who face a disability and their families. A huge and seemingly insurmountable challenge lies ahead. We are overwhelmed and overcome with fear and sadness. But it is perseverance that defines us- not letting the overwhelming scariness cripple us. And living in the uncertainty of how to tackle this giant obstacle gives us strength if we allow it.


Ultimately, when facing an unknown and scary situation, we can either run away from it or we can persevere. Mike continually chooses to overcome, in being a part of RAAM and in always supporting Kyle.


The choice of how to react to big and scary situations is for each individual to make.


Choose to persevere.

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