016 – Nutrition and Choices with Dr. Liz Applegate

June 5, 2017 twodisableddudes

In this episode we sit down with Dr. Liz Applegate, a nationally-renowned expert on all things related to nutrition. She speaks about her teaching career and a current program that strengthens people’s sharp-mindedness, among other exciting projects she’s working on.

One thing we know all too well in navigating our lives with disability is to treasure what we can do for ourselves. Maybe it has to do with the American ideal, maybe it has to do with remaining as active as we can, but it’s probably just because we are both hard-headed – independence is something we strive for. Since the rare disorder we both have is slowly taking away more and more of our independence, we love learning about things we can do for ourselves. In the world of disability, we are constantly reminded of things we can’t do; so it’s really rejuvenating and especially interesting to us when we learn more about the things we are able to independently, especially when those things can have a big impact on our day-to-day health.


Doctor Liz explains that a specialized diet and nutrition has health benefits for everyone – especially for those with rare disorders.


“Nutrition plays a very important role, especially for people with [rare] conditions… This is important for people to be motivated. [This is] something they can control.”


Eating healthier is a step that those of us championing our own independence can definitely look into!!! And the consequences of eating healthier is a way we can all feel a little better!


And Kyle asks Dr. Liz if it’s a good idea to put butter in his smoothie, as he was fond of doing recently.


Her response?




Thanks to Dr. Applegate for joining us and talking to us a little about the importance of good nutrition. It’s a good reminder that in the world of disability, it’s important for us to look past the things we aren’t able to do and focus on the things we can do. One thing we can do is to pay more attention to the things we eat and strive for a healthier diet. That won’t always be easy, but it all starts with choice.