035 – Drug Development – LIVE at Reata Pharmaceuticals

February 12, 2018 twodisableddudes

We’re excited to bring you the first of two episodes about the drug development process we recorded LIVE at Reata Pharmaceuticals headquarters in Irving, TX. In this episode, we talk to Warren Huff, the founder and CEO, and Dr. Collin Meyer, Chief Medical Officer.

In a behind-the-scenes look at a pharmaceutical company, we hear the background stories of both Mr. Huff and Dr. Meyer, as well as the origin of Reata.

One of our guests divulges that he owns a Viper and races cars. Listen to find out which one Sean is jealous of.

We also ask them about a new drug that Reata is developing, called RTA-408. This drug has special interest to us because it is a drug for patients with FA, which both Kyle and Sean have.

For more information on participating in MOXIe, Reata’s study in FA, visit http://www.curefa.org/clinical-trials/clinical-trials-active-enrollment-closed/cohort-9-moxie-phase-2-study-of-rta-408



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