128 – Mental Health & Rare Disease – Dr. Al Freedman

November 15, 2020 twodisableddudes

In episode 123, The Dudes asked why we tend to pull away when things get hard such as with a Rare Disease Diagnosis or another life changing event.  The discussion did not end with a clear answer so Sean and Kyle Reached out for some professional help.  Enter Dr. Al.

Dr. Al and his son Jack

Albert Freedman, Ph.D. has a unique voice as a psychologist and the father of an adult son with a rare disease.  He speaks at conferences nationally on challenges facing families of children with special health care needs, and provides consultation to health care & rare disease organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and schools. As a practicing psychologist in independent practice in the Philadelphia area, Dr. Freedman has provided counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, and families for over 25 years. Dr. Freedman’s 25-year-old son, Jack, lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

More About Dr. Al: https://www.freedmancounseling.com/albert-freedman-ph-d

Dr. Al’s practice: www.freedmancounseling.com

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  1. Prof SEAN wrong … WOW! Whatever …. I’ve been thinking recently, and again, about the intro “Life is about how you re-act” – Even though that it 90% correct (maybe something like 10% is actually what you know) However, it’s the “HOPE” that sets the foundation that we can choose to base those re-actions on. The more … steadfast, firm, concert solid that our Hope is grounded gives us a GREAT foundation for those RE-ACTIONS. The 10% is truths that I …count on when in my week flesh temporarily forget the foundation of “HOPE”

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