019 – Dr. David Fajgenbaum – Conquering Castleman Disease

July 17, 2017 twodisableddudes

In college, his friends called him The Beast. But then he got mysteriously sick and was on the brink of death 5 different times, stumping specialists.  Diagnosed with Castleman Disease, Dr David Fajgenbaum earned his MD and started research on himself.  He formed the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN) to speed the progress toward a cure for himself and the entire Castleman Disease Community.

Dr. David Fajgenbaum - Castleman DiseaseHow does anyone keep going, when your body is your own worst enemy?


For David, the answer was in something his late mom would say. During her long battle with cancer, rather than giving up, she would explain to David how important it was to “make your silver lining.”


It’s a cliche to FIND a silver lining through even the darkest of stormclouds, but MAKING your silver lining changes your world. Instead of being a passive observer of life, we become the hero of our story. And instead of barely making it through, we learn that we have to conquer our stormclouds.


Read more about Dr. David Fajgenbaum in The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/04/business/his-doctors-were-stumped-then-he-took-over.html


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