064 – Bodybuilding With a Disability – Mr. No Excuses, Hasan Banks

February 18, 2019 twodisableddudes 2 comments

Hasan Banks grew up in Harlem and was diagnosed with a rare disease called SCA7 that affects his balance, coordination, eyesight, speech and swallowing among other things. He is known as Mr. No Excuses because of his work ethic in bodybuilding and his amazing outlook on self-love and life.

Kyle: “Sean wants a six pack, how does he accomplish that”?

Hasan: “Your six pack is in your fridge. You gotta stop eating hamburgers.”

Instagram: @MrNoExcuses_

Facebook: @HasanBanks

2 Comments on “064 – Bodybuilding With a Disability – Mr. No Excuses, Hasan Banks

  1. Hum … audible is so simple, I personal LOVE the fact they do not make it “easy” to actually buy, Amazon would not have bought it if not – Sean you hit the nail on the head, you need some help with it
    But my REAL comment is about your guys perspective about …. how do I say it … there are “absolutes”, yes manning things on this earth seem very grey, yep we would be MUCH better off if we all didn’t ‘JUMP’ on the band-wagon. I have learned from both of you guys & look forward to learning more, but it sounds like you guy are going done the road of “situational’ ethics, that is a slurry slope my friends and NOT a safe path to travel. I Know it’s not politically correct to say, but God and His word give us ‘THE’ guide line to follow – yes, some things are most definitely right, Honorable & true and that makes some not. I don’t claim to know much, but this I do understand.
    Spinner 🙂

  2. Thank you, Spinner! We love your candor and willingness to share your perspective! We especially appreciated these comments because it helped us identify a publishing mistake. Thanks for the help brotha!

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