042 – On Being Savage, with Les Ballard

May 21, 2018 twodisableddudes

Today we talk to a 2016 recipient of the Ataxian Athlete Initiative, Les Ballard. Hailing from a town not many people have heard of in Tennessee, Les brings a much needed southern twang to our podcast with two disabled California yuppies. Les has an unspecified version of ataxia, and rode up to his first rideATAXIA event years ago, on a trike built for a child. (Note: Les is not a child.)

Les KMXHe recounts for us his first attempt at the 50-mile ride at the rideATAXIA, and how a missed turn sent him twenty miles off-course.

Les seems to like riding solo, off the beaten path, because when he received a brand new Catrike Expedition from the Ataxian Athlete Initiative (curefa.org/aai), he took a ride on his own from his hometown in Tennessee across into Georgia.

Catrike Expedition
Catrike Expedition

He recounts for us his fun times on that trip- when he had to sleep outside because there were no motels around,when he came down a mountainand as his feet fell off thepedals, when he had his shoes  and his blanket stolen, and many other parts of his trip. But he was determined to finish!

We know: savage, right?

The deadline to apply for this year’s Ataxian Athlete Initiative is June 4. This grant is for anyone with ataxia who wants to improve or begin their cycling adventures. Fill out an application here.


Also, today, Monday May 21, 2018 is a very special day at the 2DD podcast. Today is Sean’s 47th birthday! Happy birthday, Sean! #teamSean #forlife #KyleWho?