206 – Why Authenticity Matters at Home & Work

February 20, 2023 twodisableddudes

In this Episode:

  • Dr. Kyle gives his advice.
  • You Got This, Mental Health – Self Image
  • Audrey Greenberg is the CBO of Discovery Labs and the Center for Breakthrough Medicines.  She talks with The Dudes about how authenticity can benefit all of us.
  • Thank you notes – Bill at Meineke & Taylor Wohler
CBO, Center for Breakthrough Medicines

When you come as you are, others feel free to bring their authentic selves to the conversation.  This is one of the many things we took away from our conversation with Audrey Greenberg, CBO of the Center for Breakthrough Medicines. Greenberg manages the 1.6 million-square-foot campus at the Discovery Labs in King of Prussia, PA one of the largest facilities for life sciences and technology in the world.

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