251 – From Canes to Canines: Linda’s Path to Mobility

April 29, 2024 twodisableddudes

In episode 251 we welcome our dear friend Linda Snyder. Linda shares her personal journey living with a rare genetic type of ataxia and discusses how she discovered the benefits of having a mobility service dog named Cedric. She talks about the rigorous process of applying for a service dog, the extensive training Cedric underwent, and the various tasks he assists her with, including laundry!

Additionally, Linda shares her involvement in the rare disease community, particularly her role in co-founding the Nebraska Ataxia (Now called Ataxia Connection), a support group that has grown significantly over the years. She discusses the impact of connecting with others who share similar experiences and the importance of supporting one another.

Also in this episode:

  • Kyle cheats Target out of 15 cents
  • Rare Resilience: Rob Long, Executive Director of Uplifting Athletes
  • Thank you notes: Starbucks baristas & Pat O’Connel

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