246 – Empowering Accessibility, One Review at a Time

March 25, 2024 twodisableddudes

In this episode, we discuss the groundbreaking work of Roll Mobility, a platform revolutionizing accessibility for people with disabilities. Roll Mobility functions as a Yelp-like app, providing users with vital information on the accessibility of restaurants, destinations, and sightseeing locations. By ranking establishments based on their accessibility features, Roll Mobility empowers individuals to plan ahead and ensure a smooth experience without unexpected barriers.

Our guests, and Roll Co-Founders, Rachel Zoller & Joe Foster, delve into the personal connections driving Roll Mobility’s mission, highlighting the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in navigating public spaces. Rachel emphasizes the importance of community-driven data in shaping the app’s functionality.

The conversation also delves into the broader societal implications of accessibility, emphasizing the benefits that inclusive design offers everyone. By advocating for accessibility, Roll Mobility aims to foster social awareness and create a more inclusive society.

Listeners are encouraged to support Roll Mobility by downloading the app, sharing it with others, and contributing reviews to help expand its reach. Additionally, if you’re in the Denver area, we encourage you to consider attending an event hosted by Roll Mobility and Dateability, inviting Denver residents to join the Denver Pub Crawl Spring Fling April 27, 2024 to celebrate inclusion and accessibility in their community.

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