240 – Adapting to Life’s Curveballs

February 12, 2024 twodisableddudes

Adapting to changes is a big part of life for anyone. Listen as The Dudes discuss their approach to adapting.

In this episode:

  • Kyle uses a voided ID to get past TSA on his way to North Carolina and back.
  • Newsworthy from Instagram: Young man paralyzed from the shoulders down after a spinal cord injury in 2020 
  • The Dudes get into a discussion about adaptation strategies for living with disabilities, emphasizing the importance of planning ahead and being flexible. They also reflect on their upcoming changes to the podcast production schedule, aiming for a more manageable approach. 
  • Thank you notes:
    • Sean: Football season’s effect on crowds at the gym. 
    • Kyle’s friend Joy, for planning an awesome game day party