235 – Addressing the Epidemic of Wheelchair Damage by Airlines

November 6, 2023 twodisableddudes

Zach Wichter joins us to discuss the massive, yet not-so-commonly known incidents of damage to mobility devices caused by airlines. Zach is a consumer travel reporter for USA Today and focuses much of his writing on air travel specifically. Zach discusses his project where he has been tracking incidents of airlines damaging mobility devices throughout 2023, working to put names and faces, through storytelling, to the 10,000-15,000 devices that airlines damage each year. He highlights the significant impact of such damage on disabled travelers and their families, emphasizing the human aspect behind the statistics. We discuss potential solutions, efforts of improvement being made, and of course, the ongoing need for advocating in order to keep the ball rolling towards improvement.

Zach’s dedication to sharing these stories and raising awareness for this issue is evident throughout the episode and he encourages listeners to share their stories and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about accessibility in air travel.

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