225 – From Preterm to Pediatrician – Tyler’s Triumph with CP

September 4, 2023 twodisableddudes

Dr. Tyler Sexton is the Medical Director of pediatrics at Singing River Health System in Mississippi. He’s also an international motivational speaker and author, and he has cerebral palsy.

Dr. Sexton discusses his journey and how his disability motivated him to become a pediatrician. He shares his early struggles, as he was born prematurely and given a grim prognosis, but he defied the odds through 18 surgeries, months of hospital care, and determination.

As a doctor with a disability, Dr. Sexton talks about how he can uniquely relate to his patients, offering them understanding and compassion that able-bodied doctors may not provide. He mentions that while some patients have initially hesitated to be treated by him because of his disability, he has been able to win them over with his expertise and care.

Dr. Sexton’s parents encouraged him to dream big and not let his disability define him. He also advocates for radical authenticity and resilience, reminding everyone that we all face challenges and can choose to live in excellence.

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