220 – Season Finale – How Much is Too Much?

May 29, 2023 twodisableddudes

For the last episode in Season 9, we want you to know how much we appreciate you listening to this show.  This season has been especially trying as we unknowingly doubled our workload at the beginning of the season.  Listen as the dudes explain.  The conversation goes existentially deep as usual.  Enjoy.  Thank you for listening.

In this Episode:

  • In a previous episode, the dudes talked about a hotel bed that was too high.  Sean just got a new bed and you might be able to guess what he thinks of it…
  • You Got This, Mental Health featuring Dr. Al Freedman – We’ve had him on Multiple times because he’s doing great work. Dr Al’s sweetspot is the intersection between Rare Disease and Mental Health because of his son Jack who lived with SMA for 26 years.  Dr. Al joins us to talk about the fact that Rare Disease may not be the only source of challenge in someone’s life.
  • The Dudes are both wired for productivity so staying busy is a big part of life.  But when is it too much?  Where’s the line?  How does this line play into our vision and goals?
  • Thank you notes – Ted Lasso, and Sean’s Landlords.

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