213 – Why is Government so HARD?

April 10, 2023 twodisableddudes

In this Episode:

  • Sean explains how StorQuest made it so easy for him to never do business with them again.
  • You Got This, Mental Health featuring Lara Bloom – There are many challenges living with a disability.  On top of the physical challenges, people with invisible disabilities often have a hard time getting strangers or even doctors to believe them – Lara shares her perspective and how the Ehler’s Danlos Society is addressing the issue.
  • Spencer Bishins gives us some insight into why it’s so hard to access Social Security Disability Benefits.
  • Thank you notes – Two nice people.

As Sean says: Government is HARD – especially when trying to navigate the Social Security Disability system.  That’s why we talk to Spencer Bishins who worked in the Social Security Administration for years and shares his insights with us.  Spencer just scratches the surface with us-  but you can find all the details in his book: Social Security Disability Revealed – Why it’s so hard to access benefits and what you can do about it.

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1 Comment on “213 – Why is Government so HARD?

  1. Wow! Great FA topics today! And of course the subjects go way beyond FA.

    On the invisible disability/condition topic my ex-wife had a swelling on her shoulder blade that ultimately was found to be caused by a pinched spinal nerve caused by a hip joint problem, but she went through multiple doctors first that when they couldn’t figure it out suggested it was in her head and recommended she see a counselor. What?!

    For many years in FAPG and FB FA groups when an FA’er nears 18 and time to apply for SSI the conversation turns to how hard it is to get approved. I will add this podcast and Spencer’s book to the list of self-education references for those conversations.

    Good work, gentlemen!

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