210 – Death and Sex – Buckle Up!

March 20, 2023 twodisableddudes

In this Episode:

  • You Got This, Mental Health – Our friend Shelley Bowen (Ep 140) takes us through her experience having the hard talk about death.
  • The Dudes are quite uncomfortable talking about SEX, especially sex and disability.  So we welcome Jennie Williams from Enhance the UK to introduce the topic.
  • Thank you notes – Kyle’s Condo Community – Old Forge Crossing, and a backwards thank you for StorQuest.

This episode happens to contain two topics that we’ve never addressed in depth.  This is because we never had the words or the right people to guide us. Our feature conversation is with Enhance the UK Founder & CEO, Jennie Williams who leads us on a deep dive into the world of sex and how it matters amongst disabled and nondisabled persons. Shelley Bowen also joins us again for a short chat on preparing for the tough conversation of advanced directives. Ep210 is fully packed, buckle up!

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1 Comment on “210 – Death and Sex – Buckle Up!

  1. Greetings gentlemen and Shelley! With my 2 girls as teens I was opportunistic on initiating conversations around natural consequences of decision making, end of life choices and the inevitability of death for us all. Pretty much every May-June one or more almost-high-school-graduates managed to die, usually because of their poor decisions (car, motorcycle, drugs, etc), and I several times took that opportunity to open a dialogue, first about the actions of the teen, their wishes during life-saving activities (how far to go?), organ transplant donor or not, and then the hit-by-a-bus randomness that is part of life.

    Then for those that might have survived I asked my girls how those survivors’ lives would change emotionally and physically. I was always sensitive to my daughters’ at-the-moment attitude and made the discussion as short or long as their interest provided.

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