192 – Life’s Short, Live With Intention

September 11, 2022 twodisableddudes
These Dudes have a Rare Disease

To start: In this week’s round of Guess What, both dudes came out winners.  Kyle won because Sean gave it away.  Sean won on a technicality.  

Then, Kyle introduced a topic based on his recent cycling adventure: We are constantly faced with decisions that affect the outcome of our lives.  Our response to these decisions is often determined by the priorities we set for ourselves either consciously or unconsciously.  

Through their discussion, the Dudes challenge each other to be intentional about setting priorities to help make decisions that serve those priorities.

In thank you notes, Sean thanks Canva for their support of Non Profits. Kyle thanks Chris Farley for all the laughs.


This episode is brought to you in part by Horizon Therapeutics.


In 2017, Horizon launched the #RAREis program designed to elevate the voices, faces and experiences of people living with rare diseases, as well as highlight programs and resources tailored to the rare disease community. Find out more and share your story at rareiscommunity.com.