188 – Dealing With Disability Among Friends

August 14, 2022 twodisableddudes

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Living with a disability can be isolating.  Especially among able bodied friends.  However like most things in life it’s about how we react.  Whether that’s communication about the situation or being proactive and finding more accessible activities, our reaction will determine our experience and the ecperience of the group.

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2 Comments on “188 – Dealing With Disability Among Friends

  1. I found this episode to be very insightful. I’m seventeen, and I was diagnosed with FA when I was nine. I can still walk (with a walker or holding onto something), and thankfully, I am able to drive. None of my friends really know what FA is, and they don’t seem to care. I really don’t think that they’re being mean about it, though; they just treat me like a regular person. I sometimes feel guilty when I can’t do something because I don’t want my friends to feel bad. At the same time, if they’re doing something that I can’t do, I pretend like I don’t care, but I feel left out. There’s a lot that I can’t do that normal teenagers are doing, and it is frustrating. On the flip side, there’s a lot that I am doing that most people my age are not. I think a lot of what I can’t do now won’t matter in the long run, but a lot of what I am doing now will matter. I’ll get over the frustration with time and experience.

    1. Bree, you are not alone! 100% of the thoughts you just shared resonate very deeply over here. It is frustrating and there are so many ways to look at it. Nobody’s wrong and it’s not anyone’s fault. We very much appreciate you sharing your experience. When you put it to words, it helps alleviate some of the burden on all of us. Thanks again and keep sharing! – Kyle

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