171 – What if Everyone is Disabled?

February 20, 2022 twodisableddudes

Our friend Erin Pieper wrote a book called Dismantling the Disability (release date 2/22/22) and in this episode she sets up the discussion by wondering what the world would be like if everything were set up for people with disabilities.


Erin’s book

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2 Comments on “171 – What if Everyone is Disabled?

  1. Loooove! So happy to be on this episode and hearing more about the show See. I definitely want to check that out.
    Also, Sean…I kept saying “yep” and nodding my head yes hearing your door experiences. These run-ins happen to me too & it is sooo frustrating and annoying!! What seriously is the point of making your inside accessible, if getting through the damn door is not?! The world has only scratched the surface in accessibility; so much needs to improve!

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