170 – What’s Your Strategy?

February 13, 2022 twodisableddudes

Season 7 Kickoff!

We all have goals but we may never achieve them unless we have a specific strategy to reach them.  In this episode, the dudes discuss a few of their 5 and 10 year goals and a few strategies to get them there.

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3 Comments on “170 – What’s Your Strategy?

    1. Ha – Paul, I think you’d be proud! Since my travels for Christmas and paying closer attention to my spending, I can tell you I’ve cut my Starbucks habit by 50%! 🙂 I still have room for trimming, but I’m liking where things are heading. Thanks for listening, as always! Love you Paul!

  1. A MAJOR BIKE RIDE – NICE! From border of Canada to …??? coast … a FULL supporter trip, sounds like fun!!! Now that will get you Starbucks habit down to my level! Map it out … let me know your plans so I can CHEER you on! And even though I totally Seans “HOPE” is not a plan, however, … the “hope” I have because of my eternal home.
    Spinner 🙂

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