151 – Season Premier: Pandemic Observations

August 1, 2021 twodisableddudes 1 comment

Season 6 starts now with the introduction of a new segment called ‘Picks for Season Six’. Today the Dudes pick their favorite podcasts of the moment.

Kyle: Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Sean: At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Sean and Kyle talk about some of the things they’ve been up to this summer which leads to some observations about specific areas of life the pandemic has affected.  Enjoy!

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This summer, the Dudes rode over the bay bridge in CA with their friend Scott Wheelwright and a few others.

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1 Comment on “151 – Season Premier: Pandemic Observations

  1. Just catching up on my Emails and tuned into Ep 151.
    – I always love to hear your voices, whether you’re skipping stones or plumbing the depth! I am always struck by the “relatedness” of even your ramblings for people.
    – On the topic of why is there a shortage of people to hire right now let me add the factor I heard just a day or so ago. Retirements! The article I read said 600K people PER DAY are retiring right now! https://www.aarp.org/work/working-at-50-plus/info-2021/pandemic-workers-early-retirement.html As the article points out it is more of a sad story than a happy one, but the upshot is that now with the economy rebounding (Delta concerns aside) there is now a pretty large piece of the workforce that won’t be coming back.
    – Confession: When I listen to your podcast I increase the speed to 1.5x! lol And I don’t miss a word! But don’t take it personally, I do that whenever possible to save time. Some videos I can still follow at 2x.

    What a dynasty the two of you are establishing! Years from now we’ll be re-listening to you like we do with “Gunsmoke” and “Cheers”! What a thought, eh?? Keep up this high quality and relatable production!

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