114 – Don’t Judge a Dude by His Wheelchair

August 9, 2020 twodisableddudes

Curiosity about someone’s disability often comes from a good place but depending on how it is delivered, it can create awkward or even offensive situations. 

This week the dudes struggle with how to react in these awkward situations. 

It’s good for someone to ask questions but there is a line somewhere.  Listen for real life stories and honest conversation.

More about how we judge others in Episode 113.

2 Comments on “114 – Don’t Judge a Dude by His Wheelchair

  1. The whole approach to a person who uses a wheelchair, is a very grey area.
    I have witnessed people even crossing the street to avoid starting a conversation with the ‘Disabled person’

    Having a invisible disabilty (Ataxia, which makes things even more complicated as people won’t know of it or really understand). Is a whole different ball game.

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