103 – Giving Back After Spinal Cord Injury – Beth Kolbe

March 23, 2020 twodisableddudes

Beth Kolbe was injured in a car accident and lost the use of her lower body.  Subsequently she went to Harvard, swam in the paralympics, received a law degree from Stanford, practices healthcare law in Washington DC, married the love of her life, and gives back to the disability community through pro-bono work.  She’s kind of a big deal – listen to hear her perspective.

You may remember that we interviewed Beth’s mom, Cindy Kolbe in episode 79. We spoke to her when her book came out – it’s about the car accident and the coping that followed during Beth’s recovery. Cindy spent a year promoting her book, speaking at conferences, and connecting with others who struggle with mental health. In this episode we get to catch up with Cindy and hear her perspective on the connections she’s made.

Connect with Cindy and find links to buy her book at strugglingwithserendipity.com.