059 – 2019 Goals With The Dudes

January 14, 2019 twodisableddudes

The title is pretty self explanatory.

One of our goals for the year may be to publish weekly episodes rather than biweekly. So, we would love to hear from more of our listeners. What do you think about this change? Please reach out to us @2DDPodcast on social media and let us know what you think!

In this episode, we go through a quick wish list of 5 guests we’d love to have on the podcast, because the difference between a wish and a goal is writing it down, planning for it, and being held accountable.

As for our personal goals, Sean wants to ramp up his personal reading- he set a goal to read 12 books last year; his goal this year is 20 books.

Speaking of books, Kyle’s book is about to be released! Pre-order it here from Amazon. His goal is to get it in the hands of as many people as possible. Sean said that he should have a more quantifiable goal than that. Kyle agreed and then said that he would like 30,000 people to read his book. But he admits that he has no idea what a realistic number is for that.

We want to hear from you oh, dear listener. What are your plans for 2019 and can we help you in any way to accomplish them? Let us know by hitting us up on social media. And again we want to wish everyone a Happy start to 2019.

4 Comments on “059 – 2019 Goals With The Dudes

  1. Always like listening to your podcasts. I post these to 2 groups on Facebook s well.

    I think you said you may come to an event. The 2nd Annual Treasure Coast Walk n’ Roll to Cure Ataxia is being held on May 18th. NAF created a Facebook Public event.

    I would love it if it is true that you would come to an event.

    Thank you for all you do.

  2. Hey dudes,
    I would love to hear your stories and jokes every week! Zach Anner as a guest on the podcast is a good idea by the way Sean.
    Xoxo Carly

    1. Thanks for your feedback, and thanks for your support, Carly. We have decided to go to weekly episodes! If you run into Zach Anner, tell him to drop us a line. Love that guy.

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