057 – The Nomadic Dreamer

December 17, 2018 twodisableddudes 1 comment

Online, Sarah Dodd is known as the “nomadic dreamer” — a “nomad,” meaning that she doesn’t really have a physical home, and a “dreamer” setting her sights on ever higher goals. Her story echoes living urgently, a theme of our podcast. 

Sarah is not affiliated with disability, but she comes from a family where addiction was common. Her circumstances seemed to be dictating her life as she felt predisposed to this lifestyle. School, then college, then marriage, then kids, then turn 21. Sarah wanted to expand her horizons. She wants to burn the picket fences her she longed for as a child.  

“We can create the life we want. It’s not about genetics. Our future is up to us.”

We want to thank Sarah for taking the time to talk to us about living your own adventure. We wish her luck as she seeks to travel to 196 separate countries! We look forward to interviewing her again. Please check out her website at http://www.nomadicdreamer.com/ and follow her on all social platforms @NomadicDreamer

1 Comment on “057 – The Nomadic Dreamer

  1. NICE – so encouraging – “Just go out and do it”, make your it happen – no such thing as ‘good luck’ – 🙂 gotta check out her web page for more,

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