052 – Surviving Sepsis Unshattered with Carol Decker

October 8, 2018 twodisableddudes No comments exist

A theme for both this podcast and our lives is to live with urgency; to not be held back by whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

Nobody brings that to life more clearly than our guest this week, Carol Decker. During Carol’s second pregnancy, she was affected by sepsis, a blood infection. She had her baby seven weeks early as a result, and also lost both of her hands, most of her left leg, her eyesight, and she required skin grafts.
Carol talks about how no matter what disability we face in each of our lives, we have to realize that we are still valued and needed. She herself came to realize this the first time she fed her young daughter; who didn’t understand anything about her mom’s disabilities, but still needed her mom.


She was also reminded of her own value when her therapist told her that today they would make cookies with her daughters. Carol didn’t think she could do that because of her injuries, but that experience was a precious bonding time between her and her daughters.


We want to thank Carol for joining us. You can find out more about Carol at https://www.caroljdecker.com/ and check out her book, Unshattered, here.

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