049 – Flying Miracles w/ Little Levi & Mark Brown

August 26, 2018 twodisableddudes No comments exist

In this episode, we are not interviewing a circus act, like Kyle thought. After an update from Sean on how the first hike to conquer the 14 tallest mountains in California went (more info here), we are excited to interview two guests representing the organization Miracle Flights.

We talk to Mark Brown, CEO, who tells us about Miracle Flights and the 700 monthly flights it facilitates for families. For 33 years now, their service has provided children facing any sort of illness, the resources to fly for the purpose of medical help, when necessary. Sometimes, the doctor they need to visit is far away, and neither the child nor their families have the means to get there. Miracle Flights exists to help in these situations. Although there are general eligibility requirements, Mark tells us they understand extenuating circumstances and do everything they can to help folks on a case-by-case basis when possible. Mark encourages everyone to explore their service by submitting an application online or simply calling 800-359-1711 to discuss eligibility.


Our other guest, Levi Krystosek, is known as @GoLittleLevi on Instagram. As we discovered, this twelve-year-old has the biggest personality ever! His zest and love for life are contagious. He was born with a rare form of dwarfism, Jansen’s Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia and was the patient traveling with Miracle Flights as they hit their 100,000 miles donated! Levi steals the show with his bright personality, and may be Sean’s new co-host from now on. (#TeamSean #KyleWho?)


To join Mark & Levi at their annual golf social and fundraiser in Las Vegas on September 27, 2018, Swings For Wings, please click here for more info.

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