040 – Breaking the Paralyzed Paradigm, with Arash Bayatmakou

April 23, 2018 twodisableddudes

Arash Bayatmakou is author of the new memoir, Little Big Steps. Arash talks to us about his sudden transition to the world of disability, after a spinal cord injury when he was 30 years old left him paralyzed. He was shocked to discover that medical treatment of spinal injuries hadn’t changed in twenty years. Rather than succumb to the paradigm that the medical field sentenced him to, Arash decided to fight for hope. He defines acceptance as the ability to cope with your life in the present moment, but not being complacent and nodding along when you are told what to expect in the future.


“Be okay with ambiguity.” -Arash


Arash started a nonprofit called No Limits Collaborative, which seeks to help people with spinal disorders pursue activities that they didn’t think was possible.


If you are in the area, please join Arash on Sunday, May 6, 2018, at 7pm, at the Blue Stockings bookstore in New York City for a book signing. Tell him The Dudes sent you.


Check out Arash Bayatmakou’s website at arashrecovery.com  for more info on him, his book, and his nonprofit.