027 – Live Patient Panel

November 6, 2017 twodisableddudes No comments exist

Living with any condition presents challenges for everyone, some common and some unique. No matter our circumstances though, life is what we choose to make it. We are all dealt some cards and everyone chooses how to play the hand they’re dealt. In this episode, we talk with a panel of three friends living with Friedreichs Ataxia. Jean, Kate and Michael talk openly in front of a live audience about life with FA. From adapting to high school to playing in the dirt 30 years after a prognosis that barely promised another 10 years of life.


While in Tampa, Florida, leading up to the 2017 FARA Energy Ball, Kyle & Sean hosted a group of friends and family for a live recording to discuss a variety of questions. This panel shares stories from personal experiences about mis-diagnosis, devastating prognosis, their choices to engage in research efforts and their commitment to do whatever it takes on the journey to cure FA!


This episode is a condensed version of the live recording which was captured and available on the 2DD Facebook page as a LIVE video, click here to view.


For more information on FARA and the FARA Energy Ball, please click here.


A special thanks to our panelists Michael Gehr (Oklahoma), Kate Walker (Louisiana) and Jean Walsh (Massachusetts) for sharing so openly. Also, to our Audio Engineer, Jake Tompkins (New York) who worked tirelessly to put the many pieces of a live recording into place to make us all sound good!

Thank you, friends!

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