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hawken miller

Hawken Miller

Writer, Journalist, Gamer

Episode 109

James Valentine 2DD ftr

James Valentine

Attorney, Drug Development

Episode 107

gabe adams

Gabe Adams

Motivational Speaker

Episode 106

JasonLevy 2DD ftr

Jason Levy

SCI Patient & Advocate

Episode 104

BethKolbe 2DD ftr

Beth Kolbe 

Advocate, Attorney

Episode 103

Cookies4Cures 2DD ftr

Cookies 4 Cures

Creators: Dana (& Mom)

Episode 101


Jeremy Cowart

Author, Photographer, Hotelier

Episode 100

AndraStratton 2DD ftr

Andra Stratton

Advocate, Coach & Podcast Host

Episode 098

LaraBloom 2DD ftr

Lara Bloom

Pres & CEO, Ehlers-Danlos Society

Episode 096

2DD Ftr_Fajgenbaum

David Fajgenbaum, MD

Physician & Patient, Author

Episodes 091 & 092

Global Genes Logo (PRNewsFoto/Global Genes)

2DD Patient Forum

RARE Patient Advocacy Summit

Episode 090

2DD Ftr_Kipp Wesslen

Kipp Wesslen

Athlete & Movement Advocate

Episode 086

2DD Featured_Pease

Brent & Kyle Pease

Athletes, Authors & Advocates

Episode 085

2DD Feature_Muffy

Muffy Ritz

2x RAAM Finisher, Coach & Mentor

Episode 082

2DD Ftr_Amicus

2DD Patient Forum

On-site, Amicus All-Company Mtg.

Episode 081

Ftd Cindy Kolbe

Cindy Kolbe

Mother, Advocate, Author

Episode 079

Ftd Kristin Smedley

Kristin Smedley

Mother, Advocate, Author

Episode 077

Ftd Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell

Radio Personality, Author, Patient

Episodes 073 & 074

Rob Long 2DD

Rob Long

Exec. Director, Uplifting Athletes

Episode 070

James Miller 2DD

James Miller

Psychotherapist, Life Coach

Episode 068

Glenn Hartrick 2DD

Glenn Hartrick


Episode 067

Hasan flex

Hasan Banks

Ataxia Advocate, Body Builder, Author

Episode 064

Gabriel Cordell

Gabriel Cordell

Disabilities Advocate & Film Subject

Episode 062

NomadicDreamer thumb

Sarah Dodd

The Nomadic Dreamer

Episode 057

Travis Flores

Travis Flores

Patient, Advocate, Author, Speaker

Episode 054

Carol Decker

Carol J. Decker

Sepsis Survivor, Author, Speaker

Episode 052

Heather Burget

Heather Burgett

PR Specialist, Coach & Mentor 

Episode 051

Little Levi & Mark Brown

Little Levi &

Mark Brown

Patient Advocate & CEO (Respectively) Miracle Flights

Episode 049


Luke Rosen

Patient Advocate, Actor, Writer

Episode 048

Sick Chicks

Shira Strongin

Founder, Sick Chicks International

Episode 045

Francisco Sanchez

Francisco Sanchez, MD

SCI Survivor & Advocate

Episode 044

Nic Novicki

Nic Novicki

Actor, Comedian, Producer, Director

Episode 043

Little Big Steps square

Arash Bayatmakou

Author, Speaker, Spinal Cord Injury

Episode 040


Aimee Lyons

Crossfit King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Episode 039

Document Name.DNG_645

Ilana Jacqueline

Advocate, Speaker, Blogger, Author, Rare Disease Patient

Episode 038


The Ataxian/FARA Panel

Tom Hamilton, Angel Martin, Kyle & Sean

Episode 037

Kara Eichelkraut

Kara Eichelkraut

Patient Engagement Manager REATA Pharmaceuticals

Episode 036

2DD at Reata Pharma

Warren Huff & Colin Meyer

CEO & CMO, respectively        REATA Pharmaceuticals

Episode 035

Katie Stevens

Katie Stevens

President, DCO              Dyskeratosis Congenita Outreach

Episode 034

Paul Avery - World of Beer square

Paul Avery

CEO, World of Beer, Rare Disease Advocate

Episode 029


Drew Dudley

Speaker, Leadership Expert

Episode 025

cure fa logo

Tom Hamilton

Co-founder Cure FA, Rare Disease Advocate

Episode 024

CAF logo

Patrick Lawrence

Senior Project Manager, CAF

Episode 023

Dr. Dan Gotlieb

Dr. Dan Gottlieb

Psychologist, Therapist, Radio-host, Author

Episode 022


David Fajgenbaum, MD

Doctor & Patient,                            Castleman Disease

Episode 019

Rudy CAF

Rudy Garcia-Tolson

4-time Paralympian, Challenged Athletes Foundation Spokesperson & Team Ossur Ambassador

Episode 018

Roger Crawford

Roger Crawford

Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author

Episode 017

Liz Applegate

Dr. Liz Applegate

Dir. of Sports Nutrition, UC Davis, Author, Writer, Professor, all-around nutrition & fitness expert.

Episode 016

Team FARA Race Across America

John Lockwood &    Mike Mellott

Team FARA's Race Across America Team, 2010

Episode 015

Mike & Kyle

Mike Bryant

Crew Chief, Team FARA, RAAM 2010. Also, Kyle's Dad.
Episode 014

Matt Fritsch

Matt Fritsch

Spinal Cord Injury Community

Episode 012

Ron Bartek

Ron Bartek

President, FARA

Friedreichs Ataxia Research Alliance

Episodes 009 & 011


Paul Melmeyer
National Org. for Rare Disorders (NORD)
Episode 008

Max Bronstein A

Max Bronstein

EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases

Episode 007


Nicole Boice

CEO, Global Genes

Episode 006