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Posted by twodisableddudes on April 10, 2017

012 – Matt Fritsch – The Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Community


“To hear from and learn from people who are in the same position…there’s nothing that compares to it.”


A lot of our focus lately has been of Friedreich’s ataxia or FA – the disease that both of us share. And that shouldn’t be a big surprise. FA has had a huge impact on us – it has forced us to see life in a different way and adapt. We have each had friends that have helped shape that impact. One of those friends is Matt Fritsch. Matt has a spinal cord injury and in this episode he joins us for a conversation about how community is essential for all of us no matter what disability we have.

Matt Fritsch Hand Cycle

“[Being disabled] is an exclusive club that no one joins on purpose…the parking is a right, not a privilege.”


Posted by twodisableddudes on March 27, 2017

011 – Ron Bartek Part 2 – Collaboration

As promised, here is the second half of our interview with Ron Bartek, president and cofounder of the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance, or FARA. Please note that the audio quality is less than ideal, but still definitely enjoyable.

Ron Bartek

Along with Ron’s very impressive resume, we found out that he learned to sleep standing up in Army Ranger School. Ron discovered much of what the body could do when deprived of normal physical needs like sleep and food.


Posted by twodisableddudes on March 13, 2017

010 -Adaptive Equipment Grants – Ataxian Athlete Initiative

Ataxian Athlete Initiative equipment grant

The idea for the Ataxian Athlete Initiative (AAI) adaptive cycling equipment grant program came when Kyle received a grant from the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which he used to purchase a Catrike recumbent trike. That purchase changed his life: while on it, he didn’t feel as physically limited as he felt most times. Realizing how impactful that grant was for him, he created a grant specifically for people with FA, to purchase adaptive cycling equipment, which is often times cost prohibitive for someone with a disability.